Draftkings Super Bowl Special Offers & Review 2021 

Compared to soccer, the super bowl is the second most-watched football challenge in the world. Now, before the super bowl kicks off on 2nd February, much of postseason NFL action takes place in the pro bowl. After waiting for 50 years to be in this competition, Kansas City Chiefs are looking to make history.

Draftkings Super Bowl 54 LIV offer


Draftkings Super Bowl Special Offers & Review  

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They have had an incredible 8-game winning streak coming into this competition, 6 in the regular season before lifting AFC trophy and two in playoffs. The last two playoff games, which they won despite falling behind at the start of each, are particularly vital pointers to their chances at the Super Bowl LIV. 

San Francisco 49ers, the NFC victors, is another team to watch. We cannot say they are a pushover. The 49ers made their last super bowl appearance on February 3rd, 2013; something that makes them a worthy opponent. That is not to mention that their last four games, including playoffs, converted into vital wins. While most oddsmakers have tipped the chiefs to win the super bowl, many things could be at play going into the final days before the challenge kicks off at Rock Hard Stadium in Miami. You would be forgiven to think any of the two teams are the underdogs. 

Specific Super Bowl Offers on Draftkings

Bettors already have their eyes glued to their favorite sportsbooks such as Draftkings. In this Draftkings Super Bowl review , we help you make the right predictions. Most importantly, we present you with super bowl offers, including odds available on the sportsbook. Thus, a question you should ask at this point is, why choose Draftkings over other sportsbooks in the United States? The answer is simple. The sportsbooks aren’t only popular for fantasy betting but also rated the top fantasy betting platform. The fact that players can use their mobile App means they can bet on super bowl, any time and anyway also makes Draftkings a top choice NFL super bowl bookmarker. For those who will be looking to take advantage of live super bowl odds, Draftkings sportsbook App is worth your while. It is available in New Jersey, Indiana, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 

When we checked the platform for the latest super bowl offers and everything looked impressive. While most bettors will be looking for obvious markets such as money lines, totals, spreads and player props, there is more at Draftkings for the serious punter. On this platform, the first impression you get is a real super bowl gaming experience. The sportsbook is an official super bowl LIV fantasy betting partner.  Draft and play offer bettors a chance to draft their teams and play which watching the super bowl LIV live. The flash draft App makes it possible to catch on-field action live.

Draftkings is also offering players an opportunity to place parlay bets. For example, you can go for KC and over at odds +230 or place a game parlay for 49ers and under at +270 odds value. 

There is also novelty spreads where you can pick on the outcome of the coin toss. If you predict the coin toss to be heads or tails, Draftkings currently offer you a chance to place a bet at odds -103 for both outcomes. Another option in the novelty spread is game-winner plus outcome of a coin toss. Place a bet for the chiefs to win both the game and heads at +255 odds or San Francisco 49ers to win the game plus heads at +310. There are many other markets on offer such as player touchdown props. You can choose the first TD, last TD or top scorers at different odds at Draftkings.  Raheem Mostert (49ers) 1st TD odds now stand at +650. For Patrick Mahomes to record the first touchdown, Draftkings gives it to you at odds +2500.

New Customer welcome bonus offers

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Draftkings seems to be ready and set for the super bowl kickoff. It is not just because they are the official fantasy betting partners. Rather, they have crazy offers for new customers. They include:

  • Refer-a-friend Draftkings bonus: Another offer for new customers is the Draftkings referral bonus. Once you sign up and play with the minimum deposit of $10, you qualify to refer a friend. Sign up and start playing for a $1 million in super bowl LIV greatest offer. 
  • Fantasy football millionaire at Draftkings: Earn up to $1 million top prizes from Draftkings of you predict who will win the super bowl between 49ers and chiefs. 
  • Welcome bonus:  Get up to $1000 in matchup bonus when you sign up and place a bet worth $5. 

Super bowl prediction and odds

The next question we wanted to help you answer in this Draftkings review is who will win the Super Bowl? Is it the Niners at money line odd of -120 or 49ers at money line value odds of +100 on Draftkings? 

Here is a quick summary of odds on Draftkings 

DraftkingsMoney Line TotalsSpreadsThe first team to score Coin toss winnerFirst touchdown (TD)
49ers+108O54(-110)+ 1 (-110)+108-103R. Mostert


Chiefs-122U54(-110)-1 (110)-125-103P. Mahomes +2500

The sportsbook is offering bettors more than 300 super bowl betting markets.  If you are looking to wager on the spreads, chiefs have a point gap of -1 at Draftkings. You, however, expect the odds to fall or rise going into the final days before kick-off depending on things such as trump’s tweets about super bowl before the second February challenge at Rock Hard Stadium in Miami. Another betting option is the totals, popularly known as unders/overs. At Draftkings, the odds for this market currently stand at 53.5 after opening at 51.5. You can also choose player props and touchdowns if you don’t want to go for the game’s overall outcome. 

Given how the two NFL teams have fared in the last games leading to pre-season playoffs, both offer great value for punters. The chiefs have improved defensively and with their good tidings in the offensive line with the help of Patrick Mahomes, the money line bet comes close to being the best offer for a straight win.

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